Friday, January 24, 2014

Fiji - Health Minister denies medicine shortage

The Health Minister Dr Neil Sharma says there is no medicine shortage in Fiji despite media reports of pharmaceutical supplies being out of stock.

Dr Sharma says they are currently phasing out old medicine and introducing new drugs as part of changes they are implementing in the health sector.

“There is no major drug shortage in the country and I can reassure you that, that is so. Sometimes once medication comes in it needs to be distributed on time and our distribution system is a lot more effective than it was several years ago.”

Medicine like Nifedipine which is used for high blood pressure will be replaced with genetic drugs.
Sharma says based on information received from the National Medicine and Therapeutic Committee they make medicinal reforms.

“We phased out older items we have phased out massing oil, MMT and various other items which were of no real value and we have replaced that with other medication which is now available in generic form. We are looking at phasing out the use of Nifedipine which is a drug to reduce blood pressure with newer drugs with that we will be able to phase out and phase in new items.”
The Ministry is ensuring medication is in stock to cater for the needs of all Fijians.

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