Saturday, May 3, 2014

UK - National recall of two batches of widely used hospital anaesthetic

A national recall of two batches of the most widely used anaesthesia drug probably will not affect scheduled surgery, doctors say.
The Therapeutic Goods Administration alerted public and private hospitals on Friday that two batches of the anaesthetic propofol could be contaminated with the bacteria Ralstonia pickettii.
But Australian Medical Association vice-president Professor Geoff Dobb said the recall probably would not affect surgery because there should be enough back-up supplies available.
He said drug companies will shift propofol stock and hospitals with plentiful supplies may be willing to share with other hospitals.
"We're fortunate that there is more than one supplier of this drug," Dobb told AAP.
"We're hoping it will all be sorted out in two weeks at most."
Queensland Health told AAP the state had sourced alternative supplies of propofol, but was working to urgently secure more to avoid any cancellation of elective surgery.

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