Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ireland - Drug Shortages

Tamoxifen – shortage
Commonly used as treatment for some forms of breast cancer and usually taken over five years. Comes from two suppliers, both had production difficulties, one now back in the market but there is still a shortage.

NeoMercazole – shortage

For treatment of over-active thyroid. Patient must take the tablet every day. In short supply. Alternative version being imported by special order from UK. Similar problem with Thyroxine for underactive thyroid last year.

Temazepam – not available

Widely used as a regular sleeping tablet, particularly by a lot of older people.

Duloxatine – shortage

This is an anti-depressant taken daily. Supplies are short and run out towards the end of every month. Patients need prescriptions filled at the start of the month or they won't get the drug.

Flucloxacillin – shortage

Used to treat bacterial infections. At one point was only available from UK. Normally sold here for €3-€4 as it is made in Tipperary. Special order price from UK in region of €40 because of shortages.

Augmentin – not available

Antibiotic widely prescribed in primary care. No further supplies of branded or generic drug until late next year.

Metformin – shortage

Used to treat people with type 2 diabetes. Not available last year, later only in specific doses, so patients had to cut small tablets into halves and quarters when only the high dose available.

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  1. Does anyone know when newmercazole will be available again in Ireland?