Thursday, October 24, 2013

Soloman Islands - Hospital reportedly faces drug shortage

BASIC medical drugs at the National Referral Hospital are reportedly running low.

That’s according to a well-placed source at the hospital.
“You’ve only heard of shortage of beds and lines at the hospital. But there’s also an acute shortage of basic drugs,” the source said.
“This is not new, it’s a problem we had here for a while,” the source added.

Permanent Secretary Dr Lester Ross and the Minister Charles Sigoto are not available for comments as they are abroad.
Attempts to talk to the undersecretary health care, Dr Cendric Alepandava also failed.

The health minister Charles Sigoto earlier said the ministry is seriously dealing with bed and doctor shortages at the hospital
But he never said anything about the shortage of medicine.

“We are dealing with the issues of bed and shortage doctors so I request everyone to be patient,” Mr Sigoto said.
This latest revelation of medicine shortage has sparked intense debate in the popular social media network, Forum Solomon Islands International.

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