Thursday, October 31, 2013

South Lyon Pharmacy Closes Doors After Contamination Discovered

10/31/13 - Specialty Medicine Compounding Pharmacy in South Lyon has closed its doors following the discovery of mold in some of its sterile medications. On October 16th, Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit identified vials of dextrose solution, known as D50, produced by the pharmacy that had strange particles in the fluid. The hospital analyzed numerous vials from the pharmacy and, while most were free of contamination, two of them were found to contain mold. One contained penicillium, a relatively harmless fungus, while the other contained aspergillus (pictured), which can cause illness in humans, especially those with a weakened immune system. A voluntary recall of the pharmacy’s medications took place on October 18th, and yesterday Specialty Medicine Compounding announced that it would be temporarily closing its doors. A statement from the pharmacy’s PR firm indicates that the staff is currently working to transfer patients’ prescriptions to other pharmacies. So far no illnesses have resulted from the contaminated vials, but Henry Ford Detroit is urging those who were hospitalized there between July 25th and October 16th to be on the lookout for symptoms associated with infection. Anyone experiencing fever, cough, shortness of breath, or pain during deep breaths should contact the hospital at (313) 874-7733 for treatment, or they can email Patients will not be billed for the cost of treating an infection resulting from this incident. (TD)

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