Friday, December 6, 2013

Changes Coming For Oregon's Compounding Pharamacies

The Oregon Board of Pharmacy is looking at revising the annual application that the state's 400 compounding pharmacies use to register.

There's more scrutiny of the industry, after more than 60 people died last year taking drugs made in a compounding pharmacy in Massachusetts.

A compounding pharmacy takes drug ingredients and mixes them to meet the unique needs of a patient.

Congress passed the Drug Quality and Security Act to crack down on problems.
The FDA has been drawing up new rules to implement the act.

Gary Miner of the Oregon Pharmacy Board says members will be meeting soon to see what needs to change here. They're looking at making the yearly registration application more detailed.

"The ones that we're really concerned with is the non-sterile to sterile compounders, which are actually kind of function like a manufacture. Where the problems occur will be there," he said. "There's also the sterile to sterile compounding which is more like the hospitals mixing IVs."
The board meets next on December 17th.

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