Thursday, August 15, 2013

Attorney Seeks to Preserve Evidence from Compounding Pharmacy

CORPUS CHRISTI - Attorney Thomas J. Henry has filed a filed a temporary restraining order against Speciality Compounding, LLC following the recall of an allegedly tainted medication that led to bacterial infections in 17 patients being treated at hospitals in Corpus Christi.

Henry says the victims weren't just being treated at Bay Area and Doctors Regional, but that at least one victim was hospitalized at Christus Spohn Shoreline.

However, officials with Christus Spohn deny any of the patients received the medication at any of their facilities, and even pulled all medication from the company in question as a precaution.
He wants the pharmacy in the Austin area to preserve all evidence that has to do with this case.
According to Henry, before the tainted batch of calcium gluconate was sent out, the Federal Drug Administration had just investigated the company for sterilization issues, including technicians who were not wearing the proper clothing or doing the proper testing to insure their drugs were sterile.
Yesterday, Nueces County health officials reported two of the people who developed bacterial infections later died. However, its not clear if the deaths were related to the medications from Specialty Compounding.

The FDA issued a recall for the medicines produced and shipped to facilities in Texas. There are only reports of patients falling ill at hospitals in Corpus Christi.

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