Friday, August 16, 2013

Tainted Medicine Dispute

CORPUS CHRISTI - Today Spohn officials say they do not have any ties to Specialty Compounding, the Austin company that distributed the tainted medication. At least in this particular case.

The bad medicine's been recalled by the Food and Drug Administration and is responsible for getting seventeen people in the Coastal Bend sick.

In fact, state health officials are still trying to determine if that tainted medication is responsible for 2 deaths.

"We have not had calcium gluconate from that compounding pharmacy in our organization. We've never ordered it. It was never billed to us. Nor did we ever have product here to be administered to patients," said Joseph High, Spohn's System Director of Pharmacy.

In fact, High told us once he found out about the tainted drug last Wednesday, and not from the company, but from the other hospitals mentioned in the lawsuit, he acted.

"We actually proactively surveyed all of our pharmacies to make certain that we had the product... any of the products from this particular compounding pharmacy. Had secured them and quarantined them and pulled them out of clinical use immediately."

One of the claims in the suit is about a man claiming he was a patient on August 6th, received a tainted and defective dose of calcium gluconate while at Spohn Shoreline.

As we continue digging, we have information that that patient was not treated at Spohn on August 6th.

Our information indicates the person wasn't a patient at Spohn three days before August 6th nor 3 days after!

A statement from attorney Thomas J Henry reads in part, "Christus Spohn-Shoreline Hospital was quick to clarify that they never provided the compound in question. We appreciate Spohn's clarification in this matter. It's helpful to patients and to the investigation process as we continue to work on determining where and when exactly this tainted drug was distributed."

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