Thursday, September 12, 2013

Inspection Finds No Contamination at Texas Compounding Pharmacy Linked to Two Deaths

A Texas compounding pharmacy linked to 17 bacterial infections at two Corpus Christi hospitals says it has found no evidence of contamination in its building or products, theCorpus Christi Caller Times reported.
The Food and Drug Administration recalled all products produced by Specialty Compounding of Cedar Park earlier this summer, after reports of bacterial infections. Two patients died, but Texas health officials said previously they’d found no link between the recalled medication and the deaths of those who took it before the recall.
A representative for Specialty Compounding said the company hired a microbiologist to do its own inspection of the facility and to test samples. It found no evidence of the bacterium, Rhodococcus equi, found in the blood of 17 people who fell ill at Corpus Christi Medical Center hospitals said David Ball, a spokesman for the pharmacy.
“There are literally hundreds of potential sources of contamination,” Ball told the newspaper. “There’s no evidence at this time that the contamination is connected to Specialty Compounding.”

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